Singer Marcia Adhikari created quite a stir when she released her debut album “Maan Mero” in 2008 which included hits like “Sakdina”. Since then she has churned out many singles. However there has been a lul in her discography after the smash hit album.

“Ayo Hai Bujhera” singer states that she has been actively making music, doing stage shows and covers. After exactly 10 years, she is released her original single titled “Timro Mounata” which features another singer Biraj Gautam.

While talking to ETCHRONICLE, Marcia said that the song is about two people expressing their love for each other and its up-tempo and groovy.The song was originally a poem written by Mahesh Rana in his book “Timro Agaman Le Mero Jiwan Ma” which she throughly enjoyed and decided to turn it into a song.

She has thanked all her fans in Sikkim for being in her musical journey since 2008 and has hoped that she would soon get an opportunity to perform in the Himalayan state.

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