Jay Subba alias Frenzy (20) is from Tathangchen, Gangtok and born to parents Phurba Choki and Dhurba Subba. He completed his schooling from Kyi-De-Khang School and West Point. Currently, he is pursuing his Bachelors in Sociology from Sikkim Government College, Tadong. Frenzy may not be a common face in the rapper domain in Sikkim but he is definitely not a regular guy. His style of rapping has been liked and loved by many, even the ones who thought that rapping is all about SWAG, word flow and nothing more. Throughout the journey of the competition ‘Rapsody’, Frenzy became a name who everyone wanted to scream throughout the battle rounds.

ETChronicle took an exclusive interview with this young rapper and tried to delve into his journey so far in life and competition, and future aspirations. Here’s the excerpt of his interview. 

ETC: You are the winner of Sikkim’s first Rap Battle now? How are you feeling?

FZ: Winning any competition always gives one happiness, the same is with me but with happiness, I am truly honoured to win the Sikkim’s first-ever rap battle ‘Rapsody’. 

ETC: 40 contestants, 6 finalists and you are the winner. Did you expect it?

FZ: Actually, I hadn’t the slightest idea about the win. In fact, I was just in the competition to enjoy. The contenders were really good. It was the first kind of event in Sikkim which actually is the platform for aspiring rappers like us, so none of us had the actual idea about the title win but everyone wanted to be a part of it. I was a part of it and fortunately, the competition changed my life. 

ETC: Who is/are your inspiration and motivation?

FZ: When it comes to just motivation, it is my mom who always motivated me to follow my passion. Inspiration is actually I draw from different humans around who someway or the other inspires me to rap. There are many rappers of the world at this juncture who inspires me viz, Black Eyed Peas, Eminem, 2pac, Notorious BIG, DMX etc.

ETC: Are your parents supportive of your passion for rap?

FZ: Absolutely, my parents are very supportive of my passion. They also do want me to balance with my academics and which I am doing so. They were all aware of the competition and the journey of Rapsody, they were really elated after they heard about my win in the competition.

ETC: Have you released any singles? Do you prefer English or Nepali rap?

FZ: I don’t have any singles released officially so far but yes I have few singles which are on my Reverbnation account. I rap in English and Nepali, but am more comfortable in English. 

ETC: So, rapping for you is just a passion/hobby or you are going to make it a profession?

FZ: I want rap to be passionately my career. I am going to make it my profession.

ETC: Please tell us about the rap scenario in Sikkim and entire Northeast, its scope and platform?

FZ: Talking about the scenario of rap in Sikkim and Northeast, it has drastically and dramatically changed over the years. I can personally feel and say that more young people are pursuing their passion for rap.  When I first started there wasn’t much scope for rappers but now the platform and opportunities are coming up for all of us and more aspiring rappers. 

ETC: Anything towards the Vastu Productions who organized and Rapsody- The Ultimate Rap Battle fest?

FZ: I would really like to acknowledge the team of Vastu production for giving aspiring rappers like us a platform and letting us reach to the many people who thought that rap is nothing but just a flow of words. The platform today to a certain extent has helped us to define rap in a different dimension and take it to a new paradigm. I pay my gratitude to the Vastu production for giving us the opportunity which we were longing for. 

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