Quantum Theory is one of the progressive bands of Sikkim. The band is recently formed but is mesmerizing everyone with their great music and presence. Formed on March 1, 2016, with the band members Rinzing Gyatso Bhutia (23) on keys, Shem Sherpa (30) on lead guitars, Topjor Bhutia (25) on bass, Avishakar Bhattarai (20) on drums and Sushan Rai (30) the frontman. 

ETChronicle met the frontman Sushan Rai recently in an event and had a brief interaction with him and took up the interview likewise.

Here’s an excerpt of the interview.

ETC: How did the Quantum Theory happen? What kind of music do you play the most?

SR: Ah, it actually started with the boys Shem and Rinzing. They met during a gig, when both the guys performed with one of the finest singers of Sikkim, Tshering Leizum Bhutia. They thought of starting a band and gradually they started searching more members and then things turned out well, we all met and Quantum Theory happened. Since then we are rolling out with music together. We mostly play progressive music and much of experimental.

ETC: How do you describe your sound? And what is the reason behind choosing this genre?

SR: Our music is something we feel is technically mesmerizing. We chose this genre because we all believe that exploring ourselves as a progressive band will help us in attaining technical and melody advancement. It will help us grow more in music and maybe help us to create more raw, authentic and real music.

ETC: We heard that your compositions are great? Please share about it. Who does the basic writing and where do you draw the inspirations from?

SR: Ah, no idea whether our compositions are good or great but we are sure it’s not bad at all (laughs). We compose songs like every artist. Rinzing and Shem make the music and we all together write the lyrics. Talking about inspiration, we get inspired by everything around and everywhere we go we find something that inspires and motivates us to write songs. Actually, the concept of writing song depends on the perception.

ETC: Currently what’s going in the Quantum Theory camp? What’s there in the store for your listeners?

SR: Currently, we are working on a series of compositions for our debut album which shall be released shortly.

ETC: How many singles have you released so far and please tell us about it? 

SR: We have actually performed our originals in live gigs but not released any so far, though many of our original acoustic numbers can be found at ReverbNation and sound cloud.

ETC: Besides the band and making music, what do you guys do as individuals?

SR Ah, apart from making music and performing together on stage, we do our regular work like others, say like every other working-class hero (laughs). Shem is into Human Resource in the banking sector, Topjor works in a Passport Seva Kendra, Myself an entrepreneur, Rinzing has just finished his graduation and Avishkar is pursuing his B.Tech. 

ETC: Where have you guys performed so far? Places and Events?

SR: We feel really blessed that we have been getting many opportunities to perform in various places and events of our state Sikkim and West Bengal. We have performed so far in different places of Sikkim. In Gangtok, we have performed in various hangouts viz, Yolo, Thuendel and the recent gig we played was Orchid Music Gala at Cafe Infinity. 

ETC: What’s your take on Sikkim or entire Northeast current rock music scene?

SR: Maybe Sikkim being a small state, platforms are very limited. We are just left out with few stages to perform, but nevertheless, we perform on it and give our best to our listeners and audience. There are not many who actually listen to our music, but we have a strong young people though in numbers who actually love progressive and experimental music, for which we are really grateful. In Sikkim as a whole, we need a lot more support from our people. 

ETC: Your message to the young budding musicians/new bands in Sikkim?

SR: We are still growing and learning as the regular folks so we don’t actually have much to say but just wanna let our young people know that keep rocking hard , don’t let the music die in you because it’s the only thing that sets you free and the day music dies in you, you are a normal individual.

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