Tribal Rain’s recently released music video for their song, ‘Sahara’ brings with it a painful reminder of the loss that the musical community faced with the passing of Rahul Rai, the band’s frontman. His signature voice that captured perfectly many moods of love and loss, mirrors the story in the music video.

For people who have heard the song before, the most common imagination they would have had was that of romantic love. But the story portrayed in the video was much more poignant than an ordinary love story.

The joyfulness of childhood and the friends we make – the quiet wonder of dreaming and talking as kids do – it is something that each of us has felt, which lets us make an instant connection with the music. The child actors has done justice to their roles, so has the team behind it, who told a simple but moving story.

The melody is as catching as ever – it matches the sentiment of both video and song. It is experimental, complex but retains the ability to not overpower the voice. But for what it’s worth, the band has never failed to deliver to their fans. Every song evokes a new memory and there is anticipation for more.

Tribal Rain has truly been one of the few bands from Sikkim who have made hundreds of people feel a spectrum of emotions ranging from love to worry to admiration. In the truest sense of the song’s title, late Rahul Rai’s voice will always be a ‘sahara’ for those in need of it.

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