Sudarshan Tamang, the songwriter for one of the most famous Nepali bands in existence – Mantra, has written and composed a song, tentatively titled “Phalaam ko Mann”, for a new Nepali movie titled ‘Samjhana Birsana’. Produced by Aduitya Pradhan, under Aduitya Films production house in association with future-i production, the movie is a high budget thriller, with funny twists.

It is being directed by Nimesh Pradhan, who hails from Mirik, the cast is made up of Akash Shrestha, Pooja Sharma, Wilson Rai, Sunil Thapa, Sisir Rana and other local artistes.
On being asked about the Nepali entertainment industry, Sudarshan says, “actually, young, local directors from Darjeeling and Kalimpong are doing a great job in reviving our old reputation in music, movie and arts. 20 years ago, the music and movie scene wasn’t good but now it is being revolutionized”.
The song itself is a duet featuring Nikita Cintury from Temi and Abhishek Gurung from Kurseong, as playback singers.
“I had to listen to a dubbed script on my way from Gangtok to Kalimpong! Then I worked on it. The song is philosophical and comes at the turning point of the film. This is a good production and I have given the best of my 20 years of experience to the song”, he informs.
He had been asked to compose a song for the recently released Nepali film, ‘Appa’ but due to logistical problems, it couldn’t happen.

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