In a new video titled “The Bro-Zone Anthem”, Biswas Timshina proves once again that music can express a myriad of emotions, even the mildly sad but funny ones.

I can, as a young woman in her twenties, agree to the subtle drop of ‘daju’ or ‘bhai’ when in conversation after meeting someone new. I’ve seen men visibly recoil or at least raise an eyebrow to question why they’re being subjected to becoming the latest addition to an ever-growing non-blood related family.

This song encapsulates the annoyance and misery of the “bros, dais, dajus, bhaiyas, birathers, annas, bhaus, pras” – the ones for whom the song is dedicated to, signalling a beacon of solidarity with the ‘fallen’ of our social circles.

Going further, he laments the fact that it isn’t one but many who have bro zoned him and mentions all the precautions he takes to avoid his crushes on Rakhi and Bhai Tika – his exhaustion is palpable towards the end. He doesn’t take himself seriously, neither does the song – which is great for making people laugh.

If you’ve watched his other video, “Kanchi Hey Kanchi 2.0”, which focuses on the inequality of treatment between men and women by our society, you’ll understand why it’s easy to lose the point when you’re chuckling at the lyrics.

If you’ve ever heard of Weird ‘Al’ Yankovich’s parodies, Kenny Sebastian’s musical comedy and The Lonely Island’s rap spoofs and actually enjoyed it, then this song is going to be the perfect one to send your crush this Bhai Tika.

But if Shawn Mendes, the original artist to record Senorita who is also a year younger than Camilla Cabello, could get out of the bro zone then there must be hope for others too.

I only wish you the best, my brothers.

Watch the video here.

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