Sikkim may be a small state but its burgeoning interest in the film and entertainment industry does not seem to swindle. Aspiring actors, directors and cinematographers who previously had to go out of state to find their footing in their respective fields are either coming back to their roots or finding their way back to stories about the hills, but whatever the case, they’re finding more opportunities at home than they did before.

The next big venture by a Sikkimese into film is by Sushma Gurung, founder of Sushma Organisation, Gangtok who is all set to collaborate with Mountain Stories Production, owned by ‘Appa’ fame filmmaker Anmol Gurung. Through her first venture as a producer, Sushma wants to promote Sikkim, Sikkimese culture and artistes in an untitled Nepali movie to be directed by Surendra Poudyal, the director of Nepali movie ‘Kri’.

Mountain Stories Production is the promoter of the movie. It is being rumoured that the singer of the ‘Flirty Maya’ song Neetesh Jung Kunwar and the actress Aditi Budathoki along with two Sikkimese actors will be part of the main cast.

While speaking to ETChronicle, Sushma has expressed her happiness and excitement to be a substantial producer of the movie. She adds, “I see a lot of budding actors in the state of Sikkim and I also feel there’s a strong need of a film industry here thus this is just my small effort to take an initiative. I am also glad that the celebrated Anmol Gurung thought to make me a part of this venture for which, looking at the potential and my intention to support artistes of Sikkim, I humbly accepted. I am looking forward to the film and I want our people of Sikkim and India to go and explore avenues through Indo-Nepal movies.”

The promoter of the movie Anmol Gurung has also expressed his contention to collaborate with Sushma Production. He assures ETC that this movie will promote Sikkim to the next level and thus shall produce many superstars in days to come.

Currently, they are scouting artists/actors from Sikkim.

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