Experimenting is a crucial element for an individual since there are tons to explore. But as we say, “life is short”. So does what it take?
The more you struggle, the more passionate and stronger you get; like how these lads are.

Berv alias Krishna Rai

From being into Indian classical music, Berv alias Krishna Rai, was moderately interested in singing Bollywood songs. Thereafter, having a vision for both classical and Bollywood, he gradually switched his genre to hip-hop, rap and RnB (rhythm and blues). It all started as a hobby but it laid the foundation in learning more about the hip-hop culture, which later turned into a passion that eventually inspired him to write and compose his own music.

Soon he came up with his first official song, ‘You’re the One’ featuring Gesture alias Devendra and Prajwal, which was his first studio song launched by the channel, Lounge TV Gangtok. After his first launch, that was two years ago, he started working with Devendra.

Gesture alias Devendra

Meanwhile, Gesture was already making music with his group, VGR. After having released few tracks with the group, Gesture started solo and his first solo studio song was ‘Tell Me’, which again was launched by the same channel. Three years ago and after collaborating with Berv on You’re the One, he launched his first studio album named ‘Destination’. That was when Berv and Gesture actually started working together. It was on 2018 when the duo was formed and they soon started producing their original tracks as well as covering songs. The best part about the duo is that they produce, make songs, record and edit the videos by themselves, including the beats.

Their videos are available on their YouTube channel as Berv.

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