It has been rightly said that the brain responds to music the same way it responds to something we eat. Well! A team of cool young adults have done wonders in a really short period of time. Few months of collaboration but years of dedication has made them what they are today.
The original lyrics and the genre of music are what took the highlight and soon clutched the positive attention of spectators. Recent performances given by the band in Gangtok has made people eager to know about ‘G-Force’.

The name itself is a bang-on start to make any individual impatient about knowing the band and its journey – how a few friends from Namchi, South Sikkim, found themselves here in a great spotlight.

So, here is all you need to know about the members of the G-Force. These talented young band members include Cephas Sangay Lama (vocalist/guitarist/lyricist), who is a history teacher by profession at New Light Academy, Namchi; Gaurav Rasaily (Drummer), who is a law graduate; Phurba Yenden Sherpa (2nd Guitarist), who is currently a student and the two brothers Rishikesh Raj Rajalim (Bassist) and Rituraj Rajalim (keyboard/synth), who are dedicated musicians by profession and are looking forward to taking it on another level. Below is their interview with ETC:

ETC: When did the passion hit you all and how did the band actually happen to form?
A: We have been playing the instruments since school days. Earlier, when we first started, we didn’t really have the facility to join classes for music. YouTube obviously was never an option since we weren’t really introduced with technologies so we did whatever it took and learnt from whoever could guide us a bit. We were passionate and dedicated enough to play what we play today but the learning process is still on. Individually, we have performed in various platforms before the G-Force was formed. We then launched the band on 20th December 2018 and gave our first ever performance together at Namchi. And this is how it all started!

ETC: Who exactly came up with the name of G-Force?
A: Our own bassist, Rishikesh Raj Rajalim was the one who came up with an idea of G-Force. The name refers to as ‘Gravitational Force’.
To be factual, no matter how much ever high we tend to fly, gravity will anyway bring us down in a way to ask us to stay humble. So, we feel that the band name has been justified by the explanation given.

ETC: Any specific music idol that the band is immensely inspired of?
A: Yes, of course, every person has an idol that plays a vital role in influencing and inspiring an individual who they look up to and be like them. Like every youngster, our musical influence would be Sticky Fingers which is a reggae by genre and Arctic Monkeys which is a garage rock by genre.

ETC: Where has the band performed? And are there any upcoming shows lined up?
As I mentioned earlier, the first-ever show we performed was on the launch date of G-Force i.e. on 20th December 2018 at Namchi. Then we mounted over to performing at two different places in Namchi itself, followed by performances in Gangtok not just once but thrice. Particularly, Gangtok Groove has been a huge support for us and the whole music community in Sikkim where artists are given the treatment and respect that we deserve which again wouldn’t be possible without our Naresh Daju, shoutout to him! We have shows lined up at Namchi on 7th September. We hope to see you guys!

ETC: Are you all heading to take forward the G-Force band to a national or international level in coming years?
A: Yes definitely! But mostly our target is Nepal, because most of the originals are in Nepali and we feel that it would resonate with the Nepali speaking community more, but it doesn’t mean that we would hesitate to play in other cities too if we get the chance; since music has no barriers and anyone can get along with a good groove. Speaking about taking it forward, the first album is going to be launched at the end of this year.

ETC: A piece of a quotation by any of your favourite musicians or personality that will be there forever?
A: “It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll”- quoted by the rock band AC/DC.
Another inspirational quote would be- “Not a musician but a painter, inspiration exists but it has to find you working” by Pablo Picasso.

ETC: Which composition would always be closest to the band members’ heart?
A: Our vocalist, Chepas Sangay Lama, also the lyricist of the band comes up with the lyrics. Focusing on the song composition being close to our hearts, Urna Deow (let them fly) will be one of the songs that has a deep meaning about freedom- freedom to a child for letting them do what they desire to do with their career and a strong message for every parent. It describes understanding and letting them do what they want to.
We truly hope that it connects the listeners the same way it did while we recorded. The song album is yet to be released but will soon come out by the end of this year.

ETC: What advice would the band want to give to the upcoming musicians who are still waiting for a platform to showcase their music?
A: The only advice we would provide would be not to give up so early and easily because it’s just about a time phase. Anything you are passionate about takes time. So let your struggles count. And waiting for a platform won’t really help. Make a way to the platform, promote yourself through social media since it has a huge impact these days. The world is competitive, waiting for a platform is a big NO-NO! So, as we always say DIY or die which doesn’t really need an explanation.

ETC: Anything special about G-Force that you all would want to add up and mention that makes you all different from other bands? A: We wouldn’t say that we are extra different from other bands, because every band has its own creativity and level of making good music. We make original music and put our own elements of reggae, pop, funk and also garage rock, which is a rare form of music, something that hasn’t been introduced in the Nepali industry. This particular genre comes from Arctic Monkeys, an English rock band, which happened to inspire us the most to experiment with the garage rock. It may sound corny, but we feel that the G-Force has what it takes to make it- that is if we keep on doing what we do.

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