If you have been excited by the prospect of watching the promo video for the Miss Sikkim pageant, as I am, you would be up to date with the posts on Facebook and Instagram from a few who worked in the production. The behind the scene posts and stories have made the audience anticipate the new video with bated breath.

Pallavi Basnet, Anisha Chettri, Rajeswari Chakraborty and Sang Doma Tamang, feature in the short video, breaking hearts right, left and centre.
Directed by Ritu Chamling, Positude PR Head and shot by Labanya Rabha, the promo for the 6th edition of Miss Sikkim is slated to be released tomorrow.

Positude, founded by Gyurmila Bhutia and Bijay Subba, has been an amazing platform for our Sikkimese girls to get into bigger pageants and consequently, create a career out of it, while also making the state and its citizens proud. With more people interested in pageants than before, I’m sure the audience waits to find out who will be crowned the next Miss Sikkim.

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