Anything that makes a person close to the world is through the art of living life. Living a life to learn and experiment as much as we can, until we are dead. As the saying goes, “one needs to learn and make a way for itself because no one comes to help you while are climbing the ladder”.
“Hard work pays off”, an oft used phrase which has been justified by a 20-year-old inspirational lady, Rajeswari Chakraborty.
Born and bought up in Sikkim, Rajeswari thrives in acting, reading, writing, dancing, painting, travelling and much more activities. Coming from a different career background i.e. a business student, she wasn’t hesitant to work as an intern journalist followed by working with NGOs for menstruation campaigns.

Initially, the journey started when Rajeswari was 19 years old and entered a beauty pageant for a completely new learning process, growth and most importantly, to take up new challenges and experiences. It was at this point in time when she realized the difference it made in her life after she eventually won the pageant. To take her passion forward, she then was a part of a local media house as a guest journalist.
“Having to intern with the newspaper was like a cherry on the cake”, she says.

The life-changing moment was when she was uplifted with a major step towards success which led her to be crowned as Miss Sikkim 2018. Not the end, but it indeed was a turning point and also a realization to work even harder, because the short cut was never an option and never will be for her. Like any other dedicated individual, she did not keep herself in boundaries as there was more to be explored and achieve.
Taking it forward, she took part in another pageant, Miss India Northeast, where she won 3 subtitles and could successfully make it till the top 5. Later, she went for the ultimate dream of hers to participate for the much-coveted Femina Miss India, which always seemed to be out of her league but there she was.

“The journey wasn’t really easy considering people throwing lines on my height which never distracted me, but made me mentally prepared to do what it took”, she expresses.

She prepared for months but couldn’t audition due to the same criteria, which was her height again.
“Not losing hope is my greatest asset in life”, she quotes.
She couldn’t make it but what kept her going was her dedication which kept her motivated and led her to grow and gain as a human being.
As the saying goes, “you should never give up easily because you never know what is waiting for you”.

Living by the saying, a few months later, she got a direct entry to Mega Miss North East 2019. Since losing hope wasn’t an option, she was clear to make it happen this time. Out of 50 beautiful and incredible contestants, she came up as one of the winners of the pageant.

“My passion and love for the ramp are what made it possible”, she asserts.
Rajeswari is a fine example of resilience and hard work.
“High mountains and the rock bottoms are both to be experienced as it reminds you of how it feels to be on the top and the other pushes you further. The thread between the two is to be stubborn enough and to learn each day for a better growth”, she states.

Apart from being a beauty queen and an inspiring individual Rajeswari describes herself as a seeker and a ball of happiness, experiences and knowledge.

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