“It is often said that we human beings often develop a bubble of comfort, and that, we do not challenge ourselves enough to break this bubble”- wise words from an immensely talented individual who was crowned as Mr. Sikkim Manhunt 2018.

Kunzang Tobgay walking at East India Fashion Week 2019

Kunzang Tobgay Bhutia, is a 20 year old, hailing from Gangtok, East Sikkim. In a recent interview with ETC, Bhutia, shed light on his journey, stating that the pageant has definitely changed his life for better, and made him break stereotypes and burst his bubble of comfort.
“It definitely challenged me a lot and that it took a lot of self discipline to get to the finish line”, he shares.

Kunzang Tobgay with Thai actress Anyarinsweet at Malinda Fashion Week 2018, Thailand

For him, the competition made him realise his weaknesses, and helped him improve his versatility.

When asked about his goals he answers, “my immediate goal is to complete my bachelors degree in multimedia and design, which I am currently pursuing”.

However, his life long mission is to do something that would contribute to the welfare of the society. He considers himself to be a visionary and believes that the essence of life lies in the memories and the experiences gained by an individual, and that, life is more than just a race to come in the first place.

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