The world where we are in today is all connected by social media, which is a very fast and easy way to connect people from various parts of the globe.
K-pop wouldn’t have been able to garner a larger audience without the internet, where fans can watch their idols and their lifestyle in YouTube, Instagram and other various social media platforms.
Likewise, K-pop and pop music have become an inspiration to many countries to have their own idol groups and genres. The quote- “Music is not to hear, it is to feel”, is actually proved correct in this world, where people learn various languages or are inspired to learn certain languages from their idols or just use subtitles for meanings. In the academic world, music and any kind of art form spreading the country’s good side falls under soft power diplomacy, and being a netizen one can always see that each and every country is doing well in this field.
Cosmopolitan is a word which all of us are familiar with, and hence, the term ‘Cosmo Pop’ is a near reality which exists in today’s world. There aren’t any particular group who listens to particular songs in particular languages but the world of music has become a cosmopolitan world where anyone can choose the language they want to listen to from the country of choice.

Z Girls
Z Boys

Groups like Z Boys and Z Girls are one such example which has members from seven different countries like Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, India , Vietnam and Taiwan. This group is managed by a South Korean company, Zenith Media Contents, and is a perfect blend for today’s listeners.

(SB19. Image courtesy : Instagram official SB19)

Also, Philippines was blessed with their first ever boy band, SB19, produced and managed by a South Korean company, ShowBT, for their Filipino audiences. They were trained exactly the same way as the K-Pop idols. Also, a country like Kazakhstan is now on a whole new different level where they have their own genre called Q-Pop, which is Qazaq pop and the credits for this genre is given to the country’s first ever boy group under Juz Entertainment called Ninety One, and their producer, Yerbolat Bedelkhan. Ninety One is a five member band which debuted in 2015 and is now becoming globally popular for their unique style of music, which is also equally inspirational. Q-Pop is now slowly catching up with the world and has various artists like Ziruza, who is a solo performer and has a good number of followers. Other Q-Pop artists and groups are, Newton, Buira, Juzim, Element, Alba, and also the newly produced band, DNA under Juz Entertainment, who is yet to debut.

(Ninety One. Image courtesy: Instagram official page @ninetyone)

The future of Pop music or rather let’s just say Cosmo pop is indeed very bright, as there is no such thing as language barrier now, because we do have people from different nationalities as K-pop idols, who are global icons now. So, the dreams aren’t impossible but one has to dare to make it come true!

(EQ image courtesy: Instagram official page @element_eq)
(Ziruza. Image courtesy: Instagram @ziruza. On the right Element EQ . Image courtesy: Instagram @element_eq)

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